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Private Label Program

Take advantage of our experience and bring Spectrum Catalyst’s 100% biodegradable and non-toxic products to your clients. One of the services in which Spectrum Catalyst specializes is private labeling of our product line.This allows our clients’ to customize labels, and put their logo and colors on Spectrum Catalyst products, in order to adapt them to your marketing,  distribution and pricing goals. Spectrum’s advanced team of professionals manage your private labelled product, as if it’s under the Spectrum Catalyst product-line banner. The process is a simple and efficient way to increase your products for distribution to your valuable client base.

Why Choose Spectrum Catalyst?

With over 37 years of dedicated experience in the Electric and Gas Utility Industry and other industrial and municipal venues,  Spectrum Catalyst takes pride in being a leader in the development and manufacturing of essential  “Green” products. Simply put, customers utilize our private label services  to obtain superior product value and cost effectiveness. In fact, Spectrum Catalyst will partner with its clients to customize and develop specific products that are not currently in the Spectrum family of “Environmentally-Friendly” chemical products. Spectrum Catalyst products are in demand due to their “Green” certification, and the cutting edge technology that stands out in product quality.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Product Inquiry
Contact one of Spectrum’s Private Label Specialists to determine which products meet your business goals.
Step 2: Product Label Design and Packaging
With more than 37 years of professional expertise, our innovative graphic design department and label partner, will take your existing company branding and create the right labels that gain strong market sales.
Step 3: Final Product Delivery
Spectrum will drop ship your products directly to your customers’ location. In short, you attain a “Turnkey” system that enhances your current product line and business objectives.